Staropoly - Corbin Bleu Kelsey Grammer used for SCAM MLM company

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Kelsey Grammer and Corbin Bleu from Disney High School Musical are being used to promote SCAM MLM company staropoly.The company did not pay out on time lied about celebrities and never paid peopel.

no celebritties are on the site they never show up in video and staropoly moved peopel from pay leg to no pay leg not asking everyone.

this is a big scam run by alex varonos who dont pay peopel no bills no things.he is a big liar and takes peopel money never paying them out or only small amount to make them shut up staropoly uses tolls to find online for free and charges for them to be used uses variety magazine and celebrities to make todhd look good but no celebs are ever there all big ***

Review about: Scam Service.



:cry keep crying! Staropoly is for real and its the best LONG TERM business opportunity in the market place today!!!

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